Important Information

Chances are you were lead here from a previous page talking about how a person named James Hodges had done several terrible things to his ex and other women. None of that information is true. There was never a court case, there was never even an ex-girlfriend. James is asexual and mentally disabled. He was taken advantage of by an older gay man who blackmailed him into taking a lot of nude photos and making a lot of videos, not all sexual, some are very strange in fact. The man who was doing this to him threatened James that if he ever stopped giving in to his demands that his photos would be displayed online and that his reputation would be ruined. The whole story about James posting nude photos of his ex and everything else was made up by the man (who is currently in jail). Others had fallen for this story and had been trying to help James' "victims" get revenge by making websites and posting his nude photos. James stopped going on the internet about a decade ago due to all the stress seeing any of it gave him. He already suffered from many mental disorders and this ordeal gave him many more. He was recently in a terrible accident that put him in a coma and his family doesn't want any other information about him to be made public. Please, if you are one of the many who continue to post his photos place, please stop. He is a sweet, caring and simple man who has never hurt anyone in any way. He just likes to watch his shows on YouTube and play video games. He really wants to put all of this behind him. He already has to deal with a lot in his life and this is unneeded stress. Please leave him alone. He forgives anyone who fell for the stories about him, but please know it was all done to take advantage of him and then to punish him for no longer doing what the man was telling him to do. It was awful what has been done and for the few of you who continue, please know that we will continue to monitor the internet for anything like this and will continue to send reports to the FBI who have been wonderful in helping James clear up the internet of this nonsense. Thank you.

I found out the truth about this today and allowed them to post the message and took everything else down. I am very sorry to James for my parts in this, I was fooled and I hope he can forgive me. - Kati

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